4 Vintage Timex

10 months ago
too solid
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Toronto, Ontario

1. Racing style with bezel - this is a hand wind and keeps good time. Excellent shape other than the missing lume on the hour hand. Has a few dust specs on the dial. Band is a stretch.
2. Dynamic style oval case - hand wind with a beautiful sunburst dial. Great shape all around. A couple minor marks on the acrylic. Sometimes this keeps good time, other times it loses about 15 minutes in a day. Comes on a smooth leather black band.
3. Electric w/ burgundy band - great shape minus some loss of the gold plating. Running slightly fast.
4. Gold w/ no band - crown is on the rear of the watch. Runs but periodically stops. Not sure why.
Price for all 4 is $180 usd + cost of shipping. PayPal only.
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