TAG 1000 Professional Rare Red Sunburst Dial with Ghost Bezel (980.913N)

4 months ago
Hadley Roma
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Hi again WUS fam!
For sale is my very cool original TAG 1000 Professional Quartz (980.913N) red sunburst tritium dial with ghost strawberry bezel. These watches have a great history and are the main reason why TAG recovered as a company back in the 80s/90s. This is one of the rarest vintage variants and if you see them on Ebay now they generally have fake dials, bezel inserts, etc. This one was purchased from Simon Watch Company last year and is all original / OEM. I absolutely love the patina the tritium markers have picked up and that ghost bezel gives it a lot of charm. I bought my grail watch recently as well as two other watches and this just isn’t getting the wrist time or attention it deserves. I am extremely OCD about my collection and when I buy vintage I want to know as much as I can about the watch. So here is everything I know about it:
Condition: The 38mm vintage case is extremely thin and comfortable and does not seem to have been heavily polished in the past, if ever at all. There are small nicks and swirls all over most of the case but it presents extremely well. The bezel is in fantastic shape and still clicks unidirectionally very, very nicely. The bezel insert has picked up an incredible ghost patina and has very few nicks in it. The original crystal is in great shape, no major scratches and maybe the finest of hairlines in bright light. The hands and dial look incredible with no major damage. For full disclosure, the hour hand may have dragged lightly on the dial in the past as there is a very, very light scratch that can be seen in certain lighting angles between 8 o’clock and 12. Please refer to the pics for a visual reference.
The watch just returned from my watchmaker for a health check up and the original TAG ETA quartz movement consumption measurements are extremely strong (very low consumption which is what you want). It operates within original specs of +0.5 seconds per day pretty much spot on. The date clicks over properly at midnight. My watchmaker addressed a broken dial foot (likely from a past watchmaker and probably what caused the hour hand drag) by securing the dial and properly lubricated the time setting mechanism so that time setting is extremely smooth. The movement holder appeared to be original TAG but probably for a different watch, it was modified for this case in the past and is working fine. This isn’t uncommon from what I understand; these were known for having fragile movement holders that would break if not properly handled during servicing.
The crown still screws down very nicely, although the watch did not pass a pressure test. It didn’t bother me because I don’t dive or swim with any of my vintage watches but my watchmaker seemed to think it was due to a degraded seal in the crown. If you would like to guarantee some level of water resistance I would suggest trying to track down an original crown, however I preferred to keep the watch all original. Like nearly every Swiss quartz I’ve owned (both modern and vintage) the seconds hand doesn’t hit directly on each marker and comes the closest to do so between 12 and 3. This didn’t bother me either but just worth noting. I have a separate album with pictures of the service if an interested buyer would like to look through them.
The watch will come on a custom endlinked oyster bracelet fitted to an OEM TAG diver’s clasp. It is sized for my 6.5” wrist with 2 micro adjustments left and 4 full links, which should add proximately +1.85”. I will also include a Cheapest Nato Straps single pass adjustable red/barley nato that is about the most perfect nato combo I’ve ever seen. I also have a Hadley Roma jubilee bracelet I wore it on that I would be willing to sell separately as well. The HR end links are actually a near perfect fit for the watch but I also have a pair of OEM TAG jubilee end links that I would also sell separately if you’re looking for that “inset” end link OEM fitment.
Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/hyOHEm6
Timestamp for Reddit: https://imgur.com/FAJGK0Y
You don’t see all original examples of these come up very often and as I said, when you do they are usually of questionable authenticity and origin. With the recent service, this one will be enjoyed for many years. I am asking $1,175 net, including the oyster bracelet and CNS nato, and I will cover shipping in the CONUS only. I will consider international sales but the buyer will cover shipping costs and I will only ship with a third party private shipper (FedEx / UPS) with direct control and package delivery at your country of origin. I will not be responsible for packages lost in customs or any taxes your country imposes on the package.
I will sell separately:The Hadley Roma Jubilee Bracelet for $45 (includes all extra links and HR jubilee end links that fit this watch)The OEM TAG jubilee end links (for that perfect OEM fit) for $40 for the pair
Thanks for reading and message me with any questions!