REDUCED!! Citizen Eco...or is it Black...Zilla...IDK -- BN0175-19E

3 months ago
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Cut and Paste, then it...
I just got this in on a trade...if you look back a couple of weeks, you'll see where this was listed @ $330, and rightfully so, (EDIT: Seen these go for around $250, so dropping a bit), but I'm going to list it for $215, USPS Shipping / Fees included.
Not because it needs to be 'discounted', but because I found two other watches...okay...FOUR other watches listed here on WUS that I would like to give a try, so I need to list FOUR watches to try to get to them before they are gone, haha!!
Like my Tissot offering, this watch is what I would term as a 'biggen'--it's huge.
I have a 7.5" wrist, and can barely pull it off.
Not a great sales technique, I know, but really, how am I going to 'hide' the size implications of a watch that is 48mm x 17mm?? I'll admit though...this doesn't 'look' as big as the Tissot...weird...anyway, I have no idea how Citizen could possibly try to list this thing, retail, for $795, with a solar quartz movement, and a flat, mineral crystal, but, whatever.
I think $265 is much more 'palatable'.
It is a really cool watch--I just want one of the other four I saw, more.
Simple as that.
Don't like this one??
Look at one of my other three listings.
I don't expect to be successful to get ALL FOUR of the watches I saw, that I want, before someone else buys them, but I may as well try to get as many as possible--if not...meh...that's the life of a WIS (I don't think I'm entitled to that term, but others have graced me with it. I'm still a relative newbie to all this...)
As I usually do, here's a link to all the info/pictures.
Just 'click' the dots at the bottom of the photo to see the other photos, or hover your cursor over the right side of the first picture.
Full Disclosure - I just returned home after being hospitalized after a procedure, and have a fluid collection bag attached to me--that's all I'll say--but point is, I my not be able to ship until Thursday, June 13th. I'm really not selling myself, or this these watches very very well, am I...but hey, I'm on pain there's that--haha!!