OT: Breitling Chronomat AB0110 Frecce Tricolori - Great Condition, Cheap!!!

3 months ago
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New Jersey

Up for sale is my Breitling Chronomat Frecce Tricolori. Breitling has had a long history of Italian Air Force editions. This is the latest from around 2014, and is limited to 1000 pcs.
This watch brings the great sportiness and versatility of a standard Chronomat (pilot/diver/chronograph/whatelsedoyouneed) with a special color scheme, that is IMO the best looking of the Chronomats hands down.
The micro adjustable clasp makes this watch incredibly comfortable (more so than much smaller watches in my collection). This is the cheapest I have ever seen one of these watches listed for...Watch: Breitling Chronomat AB0110 Frecce Tricolori 44mmMovement: Functioning perfectly, keeping near perfect time and chrono resets on centerCondition: Great condition. On the wrist the watch appears mint. In my high resolution/macro photography you will notice light wear and handling marks and two small dings on the bezel near 20 & 25.
Included: Watch, strap, and clasp as shown. The on-the-fly micro adjustable clasp rocks!!!Price: $3250 or trade for? Make me an offer; I prefer smooth transactions with established members.Location: NJ/NYC/PA/CT. Face to face transactions are welcome. Feedback:
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