2005 SV650S

9 months ago
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Price: 2400$ OBO
Odometer reads 40k+ but the new engine has around 9k. Have bill of sale on the new engine
Title: Salvaged (read description as this doesn't really apply anymore)
Hi all,
I'm selling my sv650s, unfortunately, I just don't ride as much as I use to. I'd rather it go to a home that'll take care of it. It does have some history so read all the way through.
The title is salvaged because I bought it salvaged for dirt cheap since there were metal shavings in the old engine and wouldn't turn over.
My Mentor Steve Maddevil (active user on BARF) was my mentor\teacher and guide on rebuilding this - As Steve use to work in motorcycle repair for 20 years I felt I learned so much and have become a mini mechanic of my own from everything he's shown me.
Since then it is in like-new shape with a new engine that has roughly 9000 miles on it. Unfortunately after talking to CHP I can't remove the salvaged title unless I go out of state or replace the entire frame. The frame and the entire bike was inspected by Fremont Kawasaki and passed with flying colors so I didn't want to pay a ton more for a new frame too. which seemed excessive just for a title change.
Here is the list of changes I did on this:
- new K&N air filter
- new K&N oil filter
- new chain
- new Pirelli tires
- Replaced front fairing with OEM blue fairing
- new 2006 engine (have the bill of sale and vin attached as a photo with a photo of the engine in shipping crate)
- new two brothers slip-on exhaust (sounds amazing and got a lot of compliments)
- new LED headlights conversion (very bright)
- dual USB port installed on the dash for charging my phone.
- Sargeant seat (not in photos bought about 2 months ago so fairly new)
- new brake
- new lithium-ion lightweight battery
- new shifters and pegs
- frame slider
- new brake levers (extendable)
- Throttle lock
- silver front fairing (came with the bike)
- blue belly pan fairing (given by a friend never put it on)
- blue rear fairing (given by a biker group as a gift that I hear you can only get on Europe? not sure if thats true but didn't put it on yet)
All Meticulously cleaned and have had multiple BARF riders ride this and enjoy it! No Mechanical issues besides my running down the battery letting it sit but I've since replaced the battery with a lithium-ion battery a couple of months ago.
To be honest I really am sad to let it go as it has a lot of sentimental value considering I spent about 2 months working on it. I had worked on one bike prior to this but nothing this extensive. But unfortunately due to health issues I ache when I ride now so I'm putting away the leathers for now until I can get somethings situated and may purchase a 1970-1980 CB 550. If you do purchase it please feel free to stay in contact!
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