1986 Kawasaki 454 LTD

3 months ago
Atlas Honda
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(However, if you would like to pay me more, I will make sure Budman gets his added share, its $1400 on Craigslist)
It is registered and ready to ride. 30k miles. Everything works including the turn signal auto-cancel and the kickstand safety switch. The motor is strong and continues to pull smoothly to redline in sixth gear (~95 mph). The motor starts instantly when cold and warm. The charging system gives 13.5 volts at 4k RPMs and a little higher at idle. There are no leaks or drips, but I still close the gas petcock when its parked overnight. I just did the 500 mile tappet check/adjustment following the cylinder head work and engine reassembly.
Ive replaced a lot of parts via Ebay that were either missing or damaged. More parts than I have the patience to list. In the distant past, this motorcycle went down on its left side. There is still some evidence of this, as can be seen with the speedometer, clutch lever, and left muffler. There was no evidence of frame impact or damage. The forks were replaced and are straight. Purchaser will receive the very corroded original forks.
Red Powder Coated Frame done by Spray Technologies in Santa Clara. Includes triple tree, swing arm, footpeg bits and some other parts.
Valves cut and seats done by Clarkes in Cupertino. (Seals replaced, but guides and springs unchanged as they were in spec).
New water pump seal and impeller shaft.
New brake pads front and rear, EBC HH pads in the front.
New Fork Seals. Forks were replaced, but with used OEM.
LED turn signals, rears include red brake lights
The emissions plumbing has been removed. Will be provided to purchaser.
Tires are old (but with plenty of tread and thoroughly scrubbed by me. No cracking visible)
Speedometer is a little out of place and bouncy, but fully functional.
Suspension is stiff for lighter riders, rear shocks and springs are from a Honda Magna 1100. Original shocks were tossed.
Gas tank and side covers have that untouched 35 year old park anywhere patina that will be offensive to many Starbucks posers. I removed black spray paint from the side covers, front fender and a couple of other things.
The center stand was missing and never replaced. Since this motorcycle has a belt drive, I didnt bother.
The story behind this machine: I received this originally from Rob at Evolution Motorcycle. This is his original posting. By the time I took it from Evolution several months after they posted it, the motorcycle was not as complete as his picture shows. I dont have any further history about it.
I took it as a project and a replacement for my wifes 250 Nighthawk, which she wasnt happy with. Before I finished, she decided that riding isnt for her. So, at that point, making this a legal, functioning motorcycle became a point of pride, rather than an economic decision or common sense decision.
The price is based on what I think a running, legal machine would go for. It doesnt reflect the cost of parts, machine shop work and powder coating (and forget about my labor).
I dont expect much interest or love for this machine from BARF, but If you are interested, Id be happy to talk about it.
In the mean time, it is registered and insured until August, so I can continue to ride it around and irritate people by parking next to them. Yea, I ride.. I crashed my Gixxer, and this is all I can afford right now