Sho-Bud 6139

over 2 years ago
Sho-Bud 6139
Jon Light
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Steel Guitar Forum
Saugerties, NY

Here's the deal.
This guitar is in a small music shop in town.
The owner picked it up with a bunch of guitars in an estate bundle.
As a do-good steel guy (and a steel geek who can't help butting in) I have inspected it and tuned the pedals.
Per agreement with the owner I am marketing it here, just because.
Good for him, good for the forum.
If it sells via this listing the forum will get its $fee$
To the best of my ability, I am representing this guitar as really nice and not abused.
If I were interested in a 10 string Bud it would be mine.
However..... all business communication will be done between you and the seller whose contact info is on the business card.
I will not be an intermediary any more than I am being here.
I will try to answer technical questions that he is probably not equipped to answer.
We have a 6139 with 3 pedals, 1 lever (lowering both E's). Double raise, single lower.
This guitar is very very clean.
The changer is not gunked up and works very smoothly.
The dustcatcher fretboard would not be original, to the best of my knowledge.
I forgot to shoot this detail--one leg is missing the rubber tip.
The case is the standard Sho-Bud case.
I did not pay attention to its condition but I recall it to be fully functional.
You can request photos from the seller.
I have represented this guitar as accurately as I can.
I am NOT the seller and I accept no responsibility for any aspect of this transaction.