Match-Bro by Goodrich

over 1 year ago
Jon Light
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Steel Guitar Forum
Saugerties, NY

I've had this for some 15 years.
The leg clamp was cut/beveled and doesn't look like much but it works just fine.
Did I do this?
Did I receive it this way?
Don't recall.
I also cannot recall if these knobs were on it when I received it or if I replaced them.
I very much prefer these to chicken heads for fingertip feel.
The tone control is a little scratchy.
It does not bother me at all.
On this model, the tone control does work with the non-dobro steel sound.
A clean hole has been drilled in the case, below the tone control.
There is no evidence of anything ever having been mounted in the hole.
Your guess is as good as mine
(I do have a guess but it is irrelevant.)
No bar. I forget who sells them but I believe they can be had.
I just tested it and it works exactly as it should.
It's a good sounding unit.
$200 includes shipping.
Paypal preferred.
Personal check requires clearance delay unless I know you well on the Forum.