Line6 pod 2.0 for Forum Donation

about 4 years ago
Line6 pod 2.0 for Forum Donation
Jon Light
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Brooklyn, NY

Line6 Pod 2.0
This is actually a 2.3.
I upgraded it with a factory supplied chip a long time ago.
I think it's supposed to lower the noise floor but I don't really remember.
It was the thing to do back then.
It is in used, not abused condition.
I just tested it and it checks out fine.
The display window is a little clouded because some idiot cleaned it today with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol.
Power supply & standard black Pod 2 soft case included.
Donation to Forum --- $40
You donate to the From via the DONATE button at the bottom of this page:
Include a note in the Paypal comments mentioning my name and this ad, b0b informs me, I ship it.
Or something like that.
We'll figure it out.