FYD Black & Tan (built on a twin reverb chassis)

almost 4 years ago
FYD Black & Tan (built on a twin reverb chassis)
Brett Lanier
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Steel Guitar Forum

Here's nice amp for someone. It's a 1977 ultra linear twin reverb that's been completely redone by Dan Lurie at FYD amps. He went all the way on this.
-Blackfaced power section, master volume section removed
-Blackfaced preamp section on channel two with period correct blue molded caps
-Octal tube conversion on channel one with tweed tone stack
-Reverb circuit tweaked quite a bit, sounded much better afterwards
-Hum balance control added
-Altec 418b speaker with original cone. Whoa!
-Mather pine cab
-Half power switch
-1 meg(i think) screen resistors so you can use two 6550 power tubes if you like instead of 4 6L6's
-Cool handle
-D2fit padded cover
It works great and sounds wonderful but it could use some new power tubes (there are only two 6L6's in it now). It also has some scuffs, bumps and tears in the cab from using it a lot. Price is $800 + shipping