Mullen RP SD-12 6x5 - $2400 Shipped

over 1 year ago
Matt Teske
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Steel Guitar Forum
Seattle, WA

2004 Mullen Royal Precision SD-12 w/ 6 pedals & 5 knee levers.
S/N - M0312
$2400 includes shipping OBO.
This guitar is black with a translucent purple flame that kind of changes depending on angle and light (might be hard to see in photos).
It is currently set up as a U-12 6x5, with the current copedent listed below.
It has hardware for a 7th pedal (cross rod, pull rods, pedal rod), except for the actual pedal itself, which could easily be obtained from Mullen.
It does have a lock lever on it for B6, but doesn't really work with the current setup, unless the lock was reconfigured to RKR, or the E lowers moved to LKR.
This could also very easily be converted to Ext E9, if preferred.
Selling to thin the herd, but this guitar sounds great and has very smooth action.
Includes a couple of extra pull rods and bell cranks, as well.