Improving Your E9 Playing is Just a Computer Click Away!

over 1 year ago
John McClung
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Olympia WA, USA

Is 2019 the year you finally get serious about truly understanding and playing the E9 tuning?
This opening month of the new year is the perfect time to consider studying with me via Skype. I have a handful of time slots available to dedicated and serious E9 students.
E9 101: Bandstand Fundamentals
My personally-written E9 101 curriculum is an easy-to-understand, logical and thorough presentation of the fundamental things you MUST know to survive on the bandstand, or any live playing situation. A handful of study songs will teach you:
how to play major, minor and 7th chords;
swing styles using 6th, 9th and 11th chords;
how to accurately follow bass and melody lines via solid ear training;
how to use the Nashville number system, including how to write clean, compact charts;
most importantly, how to weave all the above together into a flowing, smooth, professional style.
While E9 101 is a solid foundation we work from, I do adapt to each students starting point and preferred learning method.
Anything you already know we can just quickly skim over. This is not a cookie cutter experience for any student.
Before every students first lesson, I always ask: What is your prior experience? Who are your steel guitar heroes? And, what are your personal goals for your steel playing? I then begin thinking about how to best tailor the course to YOUR needs.
This course is for you if:
you're a beginner who wants to get off on the right foot, avoiding blundering into bad habits because you don't know any better;
you feel you dont have a good grasp of the structure of the E9 tuning;
youre not sure how to best utilize your pedals and knee levers to play chords;
youre worried youre not doing things right;
youre mystified about how to connect things and craft a smooth and elegant playing style using fills, intros, and solos;
youre looking for help with tuning, tone, technique and music theory;
you want help prioritizing what to study and learn next;
you want the inside scoop from a seasoned professional player.
My teaching mission is to help players pull it all together in playing the E9 neck:
Many students come to me with bits and pieces of knowledge, but very little coherent understanding of the E9 neck or how to really play it fluidly. Others come to me with decent prior experience, but feel stuck and need help setting goals and making forward progress.
Big benefits of live Skype learning are:
I can monitor your personal development and assess how best to accelerate that process (youll never get that personalized guidance and feedback from DVDs, tablature, or YouTube videos);
You can study without having to tear down your gear, drive across town, take the lesson, then do everything in reverse order. Just turn on your computer and away we go!
My friendly and positive style of teaching has been a big help to hundreds of students. Don't just take it from me!
Here are Steel Guitar Forum links to comments and endorsements from current and former students:
My Credentials:
Ive been playing steel guitar for 46 years, and teaching for 25 years. Last year I was inducted into the Sacramento and Northwest chapters of the Western Swing Hall of Fame. Most of my career was spent in the competitive Los Angeles region, handling bandstand gigs, sessions, and soundtrack work.
For yet more perspective on my teaching, check out Bryan Dastes interview with me on his great Pedal Steel Podcast:
He and I discuss my teaching at 18:50, then Skype learning at 30:15.
To contact me, just click the email" button at the bottom of this post, share your email address, and I'll send you a detailed PDF explaining what and how I teach, including the hourly rate, how to get set up for Skype lessons, what webcam to use, what Internet speed you need, and more.
How can I help YOU?
John McClung
aka Professor Twang
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