FYD Octal Reverb Preamp

about 3 years ago
FYD Octal Reverb Preamp
Brett Lanier
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Steel Guitar Forum

Here is a cool piece of gear. Single tone control with three knob reverb. You could think of it like the front end of a 40's deluxe with an outboard reverb tank that falls somewhere between a Fender and a Premier in the way it sounds.
There's a master volume control on the back which is very useful. It allows you to choose how much gain you want from the front end. Great tweed overdrive tones with the input gain up past 2 o'clock.
I've used this in a bunch of different scenarios. As a steel preamp for a live rig with an MC50 power amp, in front of a Fender combo for tweed guitar tones, as a secondary source in live sessions, and in my home studio rack as a general purpose preamp with great spring reverb.
Depending on what type of speaker cab I was using sometimes I preferred to use a small EQ along with it to give the bass a slight bump, but other than that the single tone knob has never felt like not enough. The mids are very open sounding, if that makes sense. For di use it gives a very pure steel tone, and the spring reverb adds a nice touch of vibe and character.
Asking $600 plus shipping. I'll remove and pack up the tubes carefully. I went through a lot of different octals to find the best sounding ones for this amp. Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions.