Custom FYD Octal/Noval head

about 3 years ago
Custom FYD Octal/Noval head
john widgren
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
wilton CT USA

Based on the FYD Town and Country, but with custom massively over-size trannys, (see photo)and best components.. Hand wired point to point Fender blackface and tweed tones at the flip of a switch.
Octal preamp tubes (6SN7 or 6SL7) or use any variants of 12AX7 with included adapter.
Power amo section can use 6L6 6550 KT88 KT120 tubes. Comes with Kt88s or KT 120s (your choice.) Addl tubes at (discoubnt) added cost.
4 and 8 om output taps for speakers.
Comes with Lacquered Tweed head cab for $1600.Plus shipping
Or get the Tiger maple cab for addl. $260.
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