Super Clean Rains

about 3 years ago
Chris Harvey
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Steel Guitar Forum
California, USA

I just picked this up and HATE to do this but I've got to pay for this lovely new crown I got today.
Super clean Rains.
4X5 Emmons setup.
E's on left. $2200.00 plus ship CONUS. Paypal accepted. Case in excellent condition as well.
The guitar has a very small nick on the fretboard from what was most likely the bar (see picture). This guitar plays and sounds AMAZING.
I have a true tone in it wound to 17.5K. I still have the George L. I'm about to sell it as well (it's in excellent condition) and can include for 75.00.
RKR: lowers 2 a whole step (w/half stop) and 9 a half step
RKL: raises 1 & 7 a half step
Vertical Lowers: 6 a whole step
Pedal 4: Raises 1 a whole step and 2 a half step
It comes with two additional pull rods and bell cranks if you'd like to lower your B's with the Vertical or add an addotional pull on RKL.
SUPER easy to change the copedant on these.