BMI S-10 $750 with arm rest

over 1 year ago
Steve Rosko
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Steel Guitar Forum
Georgetown, Texas

BMI S-10, 3 and 3.
Standard Emmons set up, E's on the left.
This is not a museum showpiece, it's been gigged with some bar dings here and there.
It plays well and sounds good, however, with plenty of that steel guitar "twang".
I learned or at least started to learn
on this guitar.
I eventually moved up to a double neck, but used this as my practice guitar for a long time.
This would make a great starter instrument for someone new to steel or, like with me, would make a good practice guitar.
I left this one where the band practiced and kept my D10 for at home and for playing out.
The case is well used, but is fully functional.
It has an arm rest custom made for this guitar, that's included for this price.
Buyer pays shipping or I'll meet at a reasonable distance from the Austin Texas area.
_________________83 Emmons D10 PP, BMI S10, Hilton, BB + V8 Octal, Tone Block 200, TT-12 cab, BJS