Custom 12 String Lap Steel

over 1 year ago
Bill McCloskey
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Steel Guitar Forum

For sale, a beautiful custom made, one of a kind 12 string lap steel by our own Sonny Jenkins.
Sonny did a great job as you can see from the photos. 12 strings and keyless. Sounds wonderful and looks to match. I am the original owner, and I had Sonny build it for me last summer. I'm selling it for a few reasons: my wife and I are downsizing
Regarding the steel, I never did get used to the the keyless tuner. and with my recent knee and foot surgery, managing the steel on my lap was getting difficult. It really needs a stand.
No case, as is sale. Perfect condition, great sounding. Currently in an extended Eharp tuning but of course you can put anything you want on it.
I paid $650, let it go for $500 plus shipping CONUS.
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