Cube 80 GX: $200+

over 2 years ago
Dan Beller-McKenna
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Durham, New Hampshire, USA

Last version of this popular amp for steel.
Very loud and toneful 80 watts and reasonably light (31 lbs).
All kinds of amp modeling and effects features.
For a full account check out the Roland site:
It's in very good condition except that it is missing two knobs (see pics).
I have a replacement coming for one (forgot there were two!).
The CD installed in the middle of the grill has foam on the other side.
It is meant as a beam blocker, although there is some debate about whether this is as effective as other designs.
I find it helps tame the highs.
I'll leave it on or remove it at seller's request.
I like this amp, but am moving to the Quilter Micropro 200 12" combo and need to sell off my other small amp options (see Peavey Pacer and Carvin BX250 in other ads).
$200 + actual shipping
(Shipping to mid US is @$55)