Katzkin Leather Seat Skins for all year Miata's from Moddiction.

2 months ago
Katzkin Leather Seat Skins for all year Miata's from Moddiction.
Available on
Northeast PA

We did a group buy on here recently which has locked us into great pricing to offer Katzkin leather seat skins for all yeah Miata's.
We are a direct authorized dealer for Katzkin.
These are not seat covers but complete replacement seat skins. Remove your factory cloth or leather seat skins and install these in place.
Our base pricing will start at $525 plus shipping for genuine leather seat skins.
Please PM, Email or Call us for quotes and ordering.
Turn around is usually about 2 weeks from time of order until you receive the seat skins.
There are lots of upgrades available such as:
Premium leather $50 extra
Perforated leather $25 extra
2 tone $20 extra
Piping $50 extra
Suedezkin inserts $50 extra
Heated seats $95 per seat
Heated and cooled seats $250 per seat (For this option you must also select perforated seats and reticulated foam for $75 additional)
Comfort Liquicell $75 extra per seat (padding)
If unsure of which color to get for $10 we can mail out a Katzkin swatch set that has all the colors and materials available.
Once you decide on your custom seats we would credit the $10 you paid for swatch set towards the purchase of the seat skins.
You can play around with Katzkins seat designer tool here