Holofoil Horn Button Invasion

10 months ago
Available on
95 FM2: Sharka

I recently discovered a new type of material I can use for horn buttons and badges - holofoil!
For those who are a bit too old to collect Pokemon cards, this is a shimmery material like chrome foil, but with more depth and a color changing feature. It's stunning when the sun hits it and looks like standard chrome when it doesn't.
Anyone following me on Instagram has seen these horn buttons trickling out over the last few weeks. Now they're in my store.
I currently have Model 80, Rainbow 80s, Flame, and Prototipo in holofoil. I'll make more as requested, ordered, and inspired.
Check out all of the revlimiter Horn Buttons here.
And if you're at Miata Reunion Laguna Seca, you can see them in person.

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