Good-Win Racing OPEN For Shipping....

3 months ago
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San Diego, CA

We may be facing lock down here any day, I know the City Counsel met on it this week. So, at least for today we are shipping if anyone wants to get their 'social distancing' projects on the way.
Lots of disruption in production and shipping is going to leave us empty on many items soon, but as of today fully stocked on everything but a few wheels that are starting to run low.
However our showroom is CLOSED.
We have split our team into two teams that never meet for purposes of social distancing.
Happy to send products but please do not visit, we are trying to keep our teams as safe and isolated from the world as we can.
Just one of thousands of items shipping today at a sale price, got a new batch of classic Konig Helium Wheels!
Konig Helium Silver 40mm offset.