Leica X Vario package - LOTS of stuff (including EVF)

about 5 years ago
Leica X Vario package - LOTS of stuff (including EVF)
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Long Beach, NY, United States

I love the camera but I made an impulse decision tobuy another camera andwould liketo sell the Leica to fund my purchase.It's a beautifully built, nice feeling piece of equipment and I've enjoyed shooting with it. I have original receipt from Amazon (May 2014).
In December of 2014 I sent the camera to Leica for what I thought was a sensor dust issue.Leica replaced thesensor!Great customer service.
I don't think I've taken more than 100 shots since the sensor was replaced. Copy of receipt for this work in pictures below.
All in excellent condition. And the EVF is really indispensable for this particular camera. Please see pictures, and let me know if you have other questions. I'm pricing this as a package and would really like to sell it that way.
The kit includes:
Leica X Vario includes original box and packaging materials, manual, etc. 
3 batteries (one that came with camera, 2x Wasapi)
Leica Vario Camera Protector Cognac includes original box (pn 18781)
Olympus VF-2 EVF including original box
Gordy handmade leather strap
B&W F Pro 43mm KSM C-POL Polarizing MRC Filter
B&W 43 010 UV Haze Filter
Leica Battery Charger
JJC LH-XV Lens Hood
Glass LCD Cover (have had on since the camera was new) 
If it doesn't comein this package you probably don't need it! I haven't included an SD card as you probably have lots of your own.
Price for package is $1600. You pay paypal fee of 3%(or send money order). I'll pay insured shipping in CONUS. I've got 100% feedback on audiogon (steveashe) and ebay (guitarssteve_a). And some on DPReview I believe. All happy customers.
Thanks for considering my camera kit! If you are looking for an X Vario you'll be thrilled.
Steve Ashe