Kuberg Dirtbike Electric for kids

20 days ago
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So, when my kid was 7 I got him this electric dirt bike.
I wasnt interested in getting something cheap or poor quality.
I ride motorcycles and I wanted him to have a real moto as well.
This is a Kuberg Trail-E electric motorcycle.
I purchased this new in 2015 and it has been ridden pretty gently for about 3 years.
My kid stopped riding it over two years ago as it has become too small.
About this moto, it is a full suspension bike with hydraulic disc brakes both front and rear.
It has three electronically governed speed settings that control throttle response.
Yes it is powerful. It will do 25 miles an hour. It will wheelie in the most aggressive throttle setting.
The bike has fallen on its side a couple times but there really isn't any damage other than a couple scuff marks. Remember, it was an eight-year-old riding it in the dirt or on the grass at Golden Gate Park.
The tires have lots of life left and the brakes are like new. The batteries are in great condition and hold a charge for and easy 90min of your kids riding.
For my kid it was longer because he would get tired.
There is no rust and it's been kept in my garage always. It hasn't been ridden through the mud. But it has ridden on dirt and some trails in Golden Gate Park. But mostly on the grass. Especially in Golden Gate Park on Sundays when it's closed off to traffic.
Great memories dammit!
This is such a cool bike and it was my sons first motorcycle that he could actually ride. I held on to it for two years too long only because of sentimental value.
If I had to make a guess, this bike has been used approximately 40 hours. Not much at all.
My son started riding this at about 7 years old and stopped riding it at around 10. The only reason he stopped was because his legs were getting too long to sit comfortably with his feet on the pegs.
I purchased this new for just over $1600 with extra batteries.
( the extra batteries have never been installed but they should be fine)
$600 for the most awesome moto gift for a young rider.