NA/NB Part Out - Garage Clear

4 months ago
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Sussex county, NJ

I think I have a problem, its not a bad problem but its one I need your help with!
I have too much Miata stuff, and I need the room and the $$ to complete the target Miata project.
Im overwhelmed and need to move parts ASAP.
My location is in Northern NJ.
Willing to deliver for a charge (tri-state), also able to palletize and ship LTL.
Notes at the bottom for those interested. All parts OBO and available for a combo. Pricing is based on what I remember from a few years back and what I could reference recently.
Show me if Im over-priced and receive a discount!
Be sure to check my other FS listings for other parts, or PM me!
Available Immediately (within a few days if I have to pull it)
90 1.6l motor.
Motor runs well & does not leak.
137k on the dash.
Can make a video of it running before I pull it.
$370 assembled - $420 with all accessories, maf, etc. The alternator is not charging but that could be a wiring issue.
90 5 speed.
Shifts out well.
137k on the dash. $200
90 differential, 4.3 g/r, open I believe.
Runs well. 137k
90 CV Axles (unknown seal condition
Ill check when it hits the rack) & driveshaft $50/ea
90 starter $35
90 miscellaneous body and power train. Cradle, K frame, PPF etc.
96 Differential, LSD, 4.1 g/r (I believe) $700 with upgraded bushings.
96 1.8l axles - $150 for both.
00 1.8 motor.
Ill put a battery on the chassis to confirm the miles, I think it was around 175k.
Ran strong.
Slight oil leak on the valve cover gasket.
Was Daily Driven before the accident.
Coolant leak at outlet under exhaust it just needs a new o-ring. $500
00 6 speed.
Will be same approximate mileage as the motor. I also have the starter to go with it, if needed.
Pulled not long before accident because I had a rebuilt 5 speed and I like the 5 speed ratios better with the 6 speed rear.
Still a good idea to have it gone through due to miles. $600 - $625 with starter.
00 starter, low milage. $50 separate until transmission sells.
May Be Available- inquire: I will have a better idea about these soon.
LMK if there is interest!
Please read below.
NIB 1,000 cc injectors.
Flow matched and with the pigtail connectors.
DIY MegaSquirt ECU/EMS.
Ive got most of the cables and connectors. $350
Mazdaspeed turbo assembly.
Comes with turbo and manifold, some of the pipes and brackets.
I never actually got to use this, so I cannot comment about condition.*
Wideband O2 sensor with boost and AFR gauges.
Ill pull and check part numbers, but I believe it is an ACT.
Ill pull and check when I split the transmission and motor.
*The blue car was going through a rebuild in AL before I knew I was moving to NJ.
This is the reason for the mis-mash of parts and stuff.
Finally revisiting the project with a hopefully new direction!
The NB is a Nardi 00.
Was hit in the front, so front left suspension control arms are out of the question, so is the cradle.
The blue car is not available.
It will use one of the two dashes out of the others, along with other parts depending on how the project goes.
Heres where things get a little more complicated.
The blue car project is live and very dynamic.
Ideally, between this part out session and another car (MB) I can look seriously at a motor swap
which would mean there would be another 1.8l motor, LSD, and a rebuilt 5 speed coming available that are not listed, and the turbo stuff will be released.
If not, the cash raised here will fund other modifications and completion of the project.
The red car is a 90 and is heavily rusted but cranks, runs, drives out great.
I am parting this car out almost completely- the dash may go to my project, but almost all of the rest of the car is available (body panels not recommended!).
I am using parts of the wiring harness.
Pricing is TBD (open to offers) and OBO if listed.
There is too much for me to get pricing for immediately, and I am open to suggestions.
Regarding the photos - Not everything that is there is for sale and not everything for sale is in a photo.
Not everything is available for immediate release:
E.g. I still have to move the 2000 in and out of the shop, so the top and windows need to stay with the car until I get the dash pulled (next few weeks).
Let me know what you are interested in, and I can take up-close photos.
If you dont see it
There is a lot of small stuff not shown that is available.