New coolant reroute from Flyin' Miata!

3 months ago
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Flyin' Miata

We've been using reroutes on high-power NA and NB Miatas for nearly two decades and have sold a few different variations. Now, we're happy to introduce the first reroute designed by Flyin' Miata.
The big news is that it's the first one to be designed specifically for turbo cars. Normally, the water going through the turbo is recycled straight back into the water pump. The problem is that the turbo pumps a lot of heat into this water - the temperature rise from the turbo is as much as the rest of the engine put together. So we sent that water back into the radiator instead.
We also concentrated on flow. We have more flow area than any other reroute we've sold. We tested the flow through the engine with a stack of different designs. We also made sure the thermostat was in the head so it has maximum response, and it's a standard off-the-shelf unit so you can play with different temp ratings. The unit is a single piece to eliminate as many leak points as possible, and it uses OE gaskets instead of goops of silicone.
But we're not done. We made sure it was electrically conductive so your sensors would work properly - this is a bigger problem than you might think. We added a port for an aftermarket temp sensor. We made sure it was completely compatible with EGR without the need for a hammer. We also designed a specific set of lines for the turbo coolant. We included both a thermostat neck cover - with a port for the factory fan sensor - and a thermostat neck delete. Then we had it made here in the USA.
All this for under $300 shipped.
Flyin' Miata coolant reroute
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