Damaged '93 LE Tonneau (West MI)

5 days ago
Available on
Muskegon, Michigan

Selling an otherwise-minty '93 LE tonneau with two patches over what I suspect was mouse damage. The patch material matches the color amazingly well, but the texture isn't as close.
Asking $75 OBO, which is exactly what I've spent on it (including the repair). Will ship at cost.
On the car (nevermind the failing paint and broken antenna):
Closeup of patch:
Closeup of patch (underside):
Closeup of passenger side (worse of the two) hole pre-repair (that's a quarter for size comparison):
Used the cover for a few days to try it out and decided I didn't like tonneaus in general. Beyond that, I don't think it's been used. I do have more pics if anyone wants them, but the above are the most illustrative.

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